If you are looking for solitude, silence, relaxation, meditative mood, clean air, then you must visit us in our pleasant and peaceful place. Our house is located in the forest in the mountains at an altitude of 890 meters. By visiting us, you will have the opportunity to feel, rediscover all the beauty and fullness of nature, regardless of the time of year. Hiking, picking mushrooms, berries, various herbs, as well as the opportunity to see and watch wild animals (deer, foxes, rabbits, raccoons, eagles and even bears) are waiting for you. In clear weather, when there is not a cloud, you can admire the beautiful starry sky, which has nothing to compare with, it seems that the sky itself is falling and revealing the power of infinity of the entire universe. The forest offers the opportunity to tap into a source of clean energy. Our site has a place for meditation with strong positive energies. We found the energy point a long time ago and also checked it several times. People specially come to this place, someone for meditation, someone, as they say, feels much better after visiting, and someone just relax, be in silence.